Legend of the Fall, by Peter M. Duyzer
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Welcome to WMBranham.net! My name is Peter M. Duyzer, author of Legend of the Fall. The subject of my book is the life and teaching of William M. Branham. My goal in writing this book was to answer the question, "To what extent is William Marrion Branham’s 'Legend of the Fall' and his resultant teaching
supported by Biblical Revelation?"
This online book is a "beta version" for the web, meaning various formatting issues exist because of the conversion to html. The "for purchase" ebook and hardcopy versions preserve formal publication quality formatting. When that work is complete, this website will be updated with the final draft.

A word about navigating this site: The large buttons at the top of each page will help you find your way around. There are two ways you can read
Legend of the Fall at no cost: by reading online (just click the "Read Online" button to get started), or by downloading an e-book version (click "E-Book"). These free electronic versions do not include the footnotes and bibliography containing the research behind this book. To purchase the full version of Legend of the Fall, including footnotes and bibliography, click "Buy Now". Clicking "Blog" will take you to my blog page where you can keep up to date with additional related articles, research updates not included in the book, and other matters of interest. To contact me, please click "Blog" and locate the "Contact Me" link on the right margin of the blog page.

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